Nerd Girls Shows Off Their Tits

You know I don’t mind telling you before everyone had camera phones it was a hell of a lot harder to find quality amateur pictures. Back when I started writing porn blogs people where actually scanning in the Polaroid pictures because no one had digital cameras.

 Nerd Girls Shows Off Their Tits

If you wanted pictures you had to go to the drug store to get them developed. Obviously you could get pictures of you fucking your boyfriend developed so Polaroid was your only answer. To answer all of your questions, YES I have been doing this for a fucking long time. [Read more...]

Stacked Alternative Self Shot Slut

I have to wonder what the hell is in the water these days. I don’t remember a lot about high school but I do remember we didn’t have super stacked girls like this one. Thats not the kind of things guys forget. Believe me if you had a girl like this in your class, hell your school you would remember her name and probably her locker combination if really tested.

busty self shot Stacked Alternative Self Shot Slut

Considering the fact I’ve been out of high school for decades and those tits still make me drool I can’t even imagine having to (pretend not to look) at them every day. It would have made a lot better excuse for failing all my clases. Not that my parents would have eaten up that excuse either (well maybe my dad might have). [Read more...]

The Sun Never Sets On Huge Tits

Sun never sets on cool and it never sets on a huge rack like this sluts massive chest. I’m sure this picture wasn’t intended for general consumption but if we see a picture on a Facebook profile we consider it fair game. Of course if she comes to us and asks us to take it down we don’t have a choice, but until then.

busty selfshot The Sun Never Sets On Huge Tits

This picture isn’t revealing in todays standards, some of the pictures these young girls post online blow me away. We used to have to pay good money to get pictures half as provocative as those.

Big Tit MILF “Needs Some Juice”

I’d been lusting over my neighbor for a long time and she always got my cock hard with her big tits. I think she overheard me talking to my friends about her the other day when we were out in my backyard swimming.

Big Tit MILF Juice Big Tit MILF Needs Some Juice

I was going on about her big tits, how she loves to suntan, and how I’d like to fuck her hard so I juice her big tits. The next day this pic showed up on my cell phone with a message saying, “I need some juice!”

Big Tit Teen Takes Self Shot Pic

self shot boobs2 Big Tit Teen Takes Self Shot Pic

Blonde Shows Off Her Monster Tits

self shot boobs1 Blonde Shows Off Her Monster Tits

Busty Teen Shows Off Her Huge Boobs

self shot boobs Busty Teen Shows Off Her Huge Boobs

Perfect Asian Self Shot Tits

Asian sluts are known for having drop dead gorgeous bodies but the generally aren’t known for having great tits. If we get more pics like that might change.

self shot amateur1 Perfect Asian Self Shot Tits

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Busty MILF Takes Dressing Room Self Shot

We don’t normally feature MILFs on because we don’t normally get sent hot MILF pics. This one came to us last week from Aaron. I guess he has been banging this chick from his office for a couple of months and he decided to call it off. So now she keeps sending his pictures like this to try and get him back.

self shot amateur Busty MILF Takes Dressing Room Self Shot

All of the girls you will see on Unlocked Profiles has thought that their accounts on Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, Bebo were safe!

We had to email him and ask him if the pictures worked and he told us they did a couple times. When he emailed us he asked “I don’t like the chick but she has great tis and is a great fuck so I really can’t resist.” We assume by now Aaron is married to this sexy MILF because thats always the way it starts out isn’t it.

Yummy Tattooed Alt Slut In Bikini

Generally less is more. Like the less clothes a girl is wearing the more fun you will have, but this photo is hot and the girl isn’t even completely naked. I think a bikini like this let the imagination do a little work and very often the imagination can be even better than the real thing.

Tattooed Babe Self Shot new Yummy Tattooed Alt Slut In Bikini

This chick look absolutely perfect and I’m sure in your head you invasion her as the perfect little slut. Derek the guys who sent us this picture doesn’t see her as the perfect slut, he just sees her as a slut that fucked his (former) best friend. It better to keep her in your head, because in there she can stay perfect. [Read more...]